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Here are some manufacturer links that you may find useful to get more product information.

We are authorised re-sellers of these products and we deal directly with the wholesale importers of these products in Australia. Please contact us for more information and for the best retail prices that we can offer you!

ART Pro Audio - Innovative new audio products designed with the needs of the musician in mind.

CAD - Quality professional microphones for a wide range of applications.

Carl Martin - High quality guitar effects pedals for the demanding professional musician.

Clear - Most advanced guitar stings that are long lasting with no loss of tone or playability.

Digigram - Audio interfaces that are the number one choice for Pros.

EBTB - Speakers that combine both aesthetics and technology for ultimate performance.

Fostex - World-Class Analog and Digital Multi-trackers, Monitors/Speakers, Headphones/Amps.

Furman – Purify your power!

Galaxy Audio – Makers of the original hot spot personal monitor.

Intellistage – Portable stage systems – redefined!.

Koss - There is a quality Koss headphone for every personal listening need.

Lucid - The best Converters, Clocks and Accessories that a PRO could want!

Mogami – The cable of the PRO’s
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MOTU - Industry leader in a full line of music and audio recording products for MAC and Windows

Nutcases – Quality road cases that don’t bust your budget!.
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P.Audio – Quality speakers and drivers at an attractive price
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Pro Rack Systems – Your gear needs a happy home!.
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Radial Engineering – Quality building tools for the working audio and audio-video professional.

Road Ready - Built to take a pounding - day in and day out - and look good doing it!.

ROLLS - Quality signal processors, amplifiers, mixers, signal sources, and interface accessories.

Selenium Pro – Professional speaker drivers

Senrun – Portable audio systems for small gigs or announcers.
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SLS Audio – High Quality Pro Audio and Home Audio Speakers.

Sontronics – Quality microphones and audio equipment for an affordable price.

Terratec - For the best audio and midi interface sound cards and much more!....


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