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 ART SPLITCOM - Mic Splitter / Combiner

Say you are running two mixers at once – perhaps one for the monitor system and one for the main PA (or one for a broadcast feed and one for the PA). If a performer wants his/her mic split into a powered monitor and the PA, you will need the ability to split the signal from the source so that the signal can go both ways. It is also important that the output of the source encounters the right impedance.

For example, if you simply used a “Y” adapter, signal strength and quality would be lost. For this reason, the SplitCOM professional splitter has a built-in transformer. Since you may be splitting the balanced output of an instrument amp or preamp, another consideration is "hum" caused by a ground loop. The SplitCOM splitter box also features a ground lift switch to reduce that problem.


Output Level Transformer-balanced, 600 ohm male XLR
Input Impedance 600 Ohms (balanced)
Output Impedance 600 Ohms (balanced)
Input Connectors Female XLR (Balanced)
Output Connectors Male XLR Thru output
Ground Lift Switch
Power Passive
Dimensions 3.75x2.875x1.5 inches (90mm x 75mm x 40mm)
Weight 1lb (454g)

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ARTcessories are taking the audio world by storm and quickly becoming a popular brand with musicians, DJs and studio engineers everywhere around the World. Split, combine, mix, power... you name it. On stage, in the studio, in your living room, they’re easy to use and are built to last. For those times when you need a little box to fix a big need or to make more out of a smaller project, ARTcessories has you covered. You’ll discover a robust line of useful tools which include a complete range of direct boxes, headphone amps, small mixers, mic cable combiner/splitters and much more. ARTcessories are designed to deliver affordable solutions for a multitude of audio needs for any size project.

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