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General Guidelines on the use of the Compressor/Limiter:

Threshold: Working anti clockwise, determines how much of the signal will be compressed. This is also dependent on how much signal is fed from the instrument.

Comp: Working clockwise, determines how much compression is applied to the signal allowed by the threshold setting.

Resp: Working clockwise, determines the attack/release times, going from slow to fast. In general, if you want to hear the compressor working with a crisp attack you should use slow times. If you require just a silent limiting you should use fast times.

Gain: Working clockwise, sets the overall gain.

Busy: Indicates the amount of compression being applied, even in bypass mode. The brighter it gets, the more compression is being applied.

We believe this unit to be the most musically useful guitar dynamics processor on the market. It has been developed to incorporate the same features, sonic clarity, quietness, and performance of the best studio compressor/limiters. Spend a little time with us here in the manual and you can learn some of the basics of compression and limiting, and how to get the most out of your pedal.

Simply put, compression and limiting may be defined as the active control or modification of the dynamics of an audio signal.

Dynamics may be described as the loudness characteristic of an instrument: the way the note begins, sustains, and ends. Every instrument has dynamics; for example, a guitar has a very strong initial attack and a smooth decay, while a violin has a generally slower attack and will sustain a note as long as you keep bowing the strings. A compressor allows you to change the character of a guitar's natural dynamics. The result ranges from a subtle fattening of the tone to radical singing violin effects, and many useful variations in between. 

Remember, its all about making great music. We hope that this Carl Martin pedal will assist you in your musical goals!


Power consumption:
S/N ratio:
Input impedance:
Output impedance:
THD distortion:
Threshold range:
Compression range:
Responce range:
Gain range:
100 or 115 or 230 VAC 50-60Hz
2,4 Watts
105dB (clean out)
1M Ohm
200 Ohm
60 dB
from 1:1 to 1:00
from 125 mS to 12,5 mS
+-20 dB
120(D) 95(W) 77(H)
Carl Martin Compressor/Limiter has been specially developed to incorporate the same features and sonic clarity found in high quality professional studio compressors. To achieve this we incorporated a variable threshold, -variable compression ratio, -variable attack and release controls and of course, a gain level.
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