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 Digidesign 003 Rack Factory

With an extensive range of audio and MIDI I/O, high-definition audio resolution, the creativity and speed of industry-standard Pro Tools® software, FireWire connectivity, and a big, comprehensive bundle of powerful software included free, 003™ Rack Factory enables you to attain the same high audio production quality as commercial facilities in your own personal or project studio.

Take advantage of the plethora of I/O to connect and monitor all of your studio equipment. Its streamlined design will help save space in even the most gear-packed studio, and give you the freedom to take a professional Pro Tools system anywhere your creative skills are needed — or inspired. And with over 80 powerful plug-ins, virtual instruments, compatible applications, and artist promotion services included, you have everything you need (and then some) to compose, perform, record, edit, mix, and master audio for music and desktop post production projects — with truly professional results.

The Hub of Your Personal Studio 

003 Rack Factory offers an extensive array of analog and digital audio and MIDI I/O, making it the ideal hub of any home or project studio, or a powerful complement to an existing setup. You can connect just about any instrument and device found in your studio to 003 Rack Factory. Plug in your guitar or bass for direct recording, connect line-level instruments such as synths or samplers, or capture sound from any source though a connected microphone — the interface’s premium mic preamps deliver the utmost sound clarity. And with its studio-grade 24-bit/96 kHz audio resolution, you can expect stunning, high-definition sound every time.

In addition, 003 Rack Factory provides the I/O you need to connect your MIDI gear, optical devices (such as ADAT), and S/PDIF digital equipment, and also features BNC Word Clock I/O to sync 003 Rack to other external devices in your studio. Plus, its FireWire connectivity ensures high-speed data transfers between the interface and your Windows- or Mac-based computer system — just plug 003 Rack Factory in and it’s ready to go.
Listen with Options 

003 Rack Factory features multiple options for monitoring your sessions as well as other external devices. Dedicated stereo studio monitor outputs allow you to always have reference monitors connected without sacrificing audio outputs, while a stereo pair of alternate control room outputs let you hook up a second set of speakers to allow easy switching between two studio monitor sources. Two headphone outputs, each with its own level control, enable you to run two discrete monitor headphone mixes separately from your main mix. And an alternate source input allows you to monitor signals from a connected external device.
Everything You Need — Plus More 

003™ Rack Factory comes with Digidesign’s biggest, most powerful and comprehensive software bundle yet, providing everything you need to create music, perform a composition, record audio, sequence MIDI, edit sounds, fix problems, mix tracks, enhance audio, master projects, and promote your creations. At the core is award-winning Pro Tools LE® software, which offers the ultimate in recording, editing, and mixing power and flexibility. And to help you get started, the indispensable Pro Tools Method One™ instructional DVD teaches you Pro Tools system essentials, from setting up sessions and recording audio to editing MIDI, working with loops and plug-ins, automating mixes, and more.

In addition, 003 Rack Factory comes bundled with over 80 signal-processing and effects plug-ins, amazing virtual instruments, professional sound libraries, creativity-inspiring compatible applications, and special artist promotion services. The software bundle includes seven powerful Bomb Factory plug-ins, 39 essential DigiRack plug-ins, the premium Pro Tools Ignition Pack 2 Pro bundle, and a high-end Factory bundle of professional plug-ins.

No instrument? No problem! 003 Rack Factory includes a range of versatile audio applications, sounds, and virtual instruments that work with Pro Tools to compose music or to simply play — no real instrument (or musical knowledge) required. It also provides a hefty treasure trove of powerful effects and signal-processing plug-ins to enhance and perfect your mixes with truly professional results. Create optimal balance, correct pitch problems, dial up the perfect guitar tone, fix timing, boost the sonic qualities of an instrument, warm up your mixes, and more.
Premium Factory Bundle Included 

The Bomb Factory® and Digidesign plug-ins included in the Factory plug-in bundle are considered among the best in the industry, offering intuitive interfaces and delivering outstanding sonic results. This high-end bundle comes with all 003 family “Factory” systems.

    * Digidesign Bomb Factory BF-3A Classic Compressor
    * Digidesign Cosmonaut Voice
    * Digidesign D-Fi™ bundle (Lo-Fi™, Sci-Fi™, Recti-Fi™, Vari-Fi™)
    * Digidesign JOEMEEK® SC2T Photo Optical Compressor
    * Digidesign JOEMEEK VC5T Meequalizer®
    * Digidesign® Maxim
    * Digidesign Moogerfooger® Analog Delay
    * Digidesign Moogerfooger Ring Modulator
    * Digidesign SansAmp PSA-1™
    * Digidesign Tel-Ray® Variable Delay
    * Digidesign Voce® Spin™
    * Digidesign Voce Chorus/Vibrato
    * iLok USB Smart Key

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