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 DIGIDESIGN Focusrite d2/d3 Multi-band EQ & Compressor/Limiter Plug-in


Modeled after their respective Red Range hardware counterparts, the Focusrite d2 and d3 bring high quality equalization and professional dynamic control to Pro Tools.

The 24-bit d2 is designed for the audio professional who requires the highest levels of performance and maximum versatility in a software-based equalizer, providing multiple modular configurations. With superior resolution, intuitive graphics, dynamic automation and save/copy/paste options, d2 takes full advantage of the power and capabilities of the Pro Tools TDM environment.

The d3 provides flexibility and versatility through separate insert configurations in addition to its highly impressive sonic characteristics. The d3 also functions in AudioSuite, providing file-based processing and conservation of DSP resources. Coupled with dynamic automation, multiple inserts and save/copy/paste options, the Focusrite d3 takes full advantage of the power and capabilities of Pro Tools.

The Focusrite d2/d3 Bundle is now available at an exciting new, low price; they are no longer sold individually. 


The d2 software-based digital equalizer, designed for Pro Tools TDM-based systems, is truly worthy of its lineage: the Red Range 2 Dual EQ. It provides three different mono or stereo modules: six band, four band, and dual/single band. These versatile configurations allow DSP power to be used where it is needed most. Any band type (or types) can be accessed up to the available DSP power in the system. d2 includes high- and low-pass filters, high and low shelving filters and high-mid and low-mid peaking filters.

d2 also features analog-style overload indicators to track clipping and a highly accurate Cartesian graph that displays EQ settings as they are being adjusted. When an offset exists for the left and right channels, the graph will display both channels simultaneously.

Focusrite's d3 is a world-class, software-based compressor/limiter for Pro Tools TDM and AudioSuite-capable systems that provides two mono or stereo configurations. The Compressor+Limiter supplies both compression and limiting at all times. The Compressor/Limiter allows users to select compression or limiting, conserving DSP power for other operations as necessary.

One d3 Plug-In can be used multiple times simultaneously, limited only by DSP capacity. Pro Tools software supports side-chain processing with d3, accepting post-fader input from any track or bus to control dynamics parameters. Of course, all settings are automatically restored and recalled with the Pro Tools session.

Both the d2 and d3 interfaces closely emulate their respective sibling Red Range hardware units, with their red brushed-aluminum panel graphics, illuminated push buttons and rotary control knobs. A floating editor window supplies instant access to the various modules of the d2 — six band, four band, or dual/single band — or, in the case of the d3, one-button access to both compressor and limiter modules. A numeric display area is located below each rotary knob for continuous feedback and also allows numeric entry from the keyboard, if desired. For precise processing, independent input and output level controls and high-resolution Plasma-type meters are also provided. With the d2, offset level adjustment is accommodated by use of the left, right and link controls.

Don't forget that, like other TDM Plug-Ins, you can run multiple d2 and d3 Plug-Ins up to the limits of your available DSP power. This means that, for the price of one Plug-In bundle, you'll have access to multiple Focusrite processors, making this extremely cost effective. 



  • Modeled on the highly acclaimed Red 2 equalizer
  • Six-band, four-band, dual-/single-band, stereo or mono modules
  • EQ curve display supplies visual feedback of parameters
  • Left/right controls can be adjusted independently, then linked to retain the offset
  • Three different mono or stereo modules: 6-band, 4-band, and dual-band/single-band. These versatile configurations provide maximum DSP efficiency
  • The d2 consists of high- and low-pass filters, high- and low-shelving filters, and high-mid and low-mid peaking filters
  • Automation features, including Dynamic TDM Plug-In automation
  • The d2 can be used as an AudioSuite or RTAS* Plug-In for file-based or real-time host processing, allowing DSP power to be allocated to where it is most needed

*RTAS version requires Pro Tools 5.1 software or higher

Filter Types and Frequency Ranges

  • High-pass: 20 Hz to 6.4 kHz (18dB/oct.)
  • Low-shelf: 33 Hz to 460 Hz
  • Low-mid peaking: 40 Hz to 6.4 kHz (Q Range: .7 to 4.0)
  • High-mid peaking: 120 Hz to 18 kHz (Q Range: .7 to 4.0)
  • High-shelf: 3.3 kHz to 18 kHz
  • Low-pass: 100 Hz to 18 kHz (18dB/oct.)


  • Modeled on the highly acclaimed Red 3 Dual Compressor/Limiter
  • Two separate Plug-In configurations (Compressor+Limiter and Compressor/Limiter), allowing for maximum DSP efficiency in the TDM environment
  • AudioSuite functionality for file-based processing, allowing DSP power to be allocated to where it is most needed
  • Support for Pro Tools new MultiShell DSP sharing on Pro Tools|24 MIX and MIXplus systems
  • Allows audio processing of the Plug-In to be controlled by an external track (Available in d3 AudioSuite with Pro Tools 4.0 or higher; d3 TDM requires Pro Tools 4.1 or higher)
  • AudioSuite and RTAS* Plug-Ins included. The d3 can be used as an AudioSuite or RTAS Plug-In for file-based or real-time host processing, allowing DSP power to be allocated to where it is most needed
  • MultiShell II Support: The d3 supports Pro Tools MultiShell DSP sharing on Pro Tools|24 MIX systems

*RTAS version requires Pro Tools 5.1 software or higher

Controls and Ranges

  • Compressor in/out switch
  • Limiter in/out switch
  • Engage key input (side-chain)
  • Audition key input
  • Threshold: 0 dB to - 48 dB
  • Ratio: 1.5:1 dB to 10:1 dB
  • Attack: 1.0 to 150 ms
  • Release: 25ms to 2.5s
  • Limiting: 0 dB to -24 d


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Windows Vista          
Windows XP          
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