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 Digidesign Mbox 2 Mini

Meet Mbox® 2 Mini — the world’s smallest, most affordable Pro Tools LE™ recording, editing, and mixing system ever. Whether you’re a singer/songwriter who’s new to recording or a seasoned pro on the go, Mbox 2 Mini packs professional features into a robust, ultra compact, easy-to-use audio workstation to record and mix music wherever your inspiration takes you. And with its diminutive size, Mbox 2 Mini literally puts the power of Pro Tools in the palm of your hand.

Like its siblings, Mbox 2, Mbox 2 Pro, and Mbox 2 Micro, Mbox 2 Mini delivers superior sound quality and includes plenty of powerful creation tools for composing, recording, and mixing music. It comes with award-winning, easy-to-use Pro Tools LE™ software, which provides you with many of the same tools the pros use on major recordings and in films. And because Pro Tools is the industry standard, you can use your Mbox 2 Mini-recorded sessions in any Pro Tools-equipped studio around the world.

Superior Sound and Design

Mbox® 2 Mini — like the rest of the Mbox 2 family — was designed by Digidesign, makers of professional, industry-standard Pro Tools|HD® hardware. That means you can expect premium hardware design, high-quality internal components, and superior sound quality and reliability. Mbox 2 Mini supports up to 24-bit/48 kHz audio resolution, delivering stellar sound at better than CD-quality audio. And its robust metal enclosure can withstand all the bumps and knocks that come with being toted around everywhere you go.

Musician Friendly

Mbox 2 Mini and Pro Tools LE™ software are easy to use, meaning you’ll spend more time creating and mixing music than futzing around with convoluted controls and settings. If you’re new to digital recording and wondering how to connect your microphone, guitar, bass, or keyboard to your computer to make a recording, Mbox 2 Mini enables you to easily do just that and capture your performances with amazing ease. Simply attach Mbox 2 Mini to your computer using the included USB cable, plug your instruments directly into Mbox 2 Mini, and you’re ready to rock (or get funky, or scat, or do whatever it is that you do). Plus the included Pro Tools Method One™ instructional DVD will teach you step-by-step how to record and mix your music with professional results.

Everything You Need In One Package

Powered by award-winning, easy-to-use Pro Tools LE software, Mbox 2 Mini turns your PC or Mac into a full-fledged recording studio that’s packed with many of the same tools the pros use. Mbox 2 Mini also comes with an incredible software bundle to help turn your creative ideas into reality quickly and easily. The included Xpand!™ sample-playback/synthesis workstation plug-in from the Digidesign Advanced Instrument Research (A.I.R.) group enables you to bring thousands of high-quality acoustic and digital instrument sounds and loops into Pro Tools — from pianos and synths to guitars, drums, woodwinds, and orchestral hits. The free Bomb Factory® and DigiRack™ plug-ins provide extensive processing power to help you get professional-sounding mixes. And the mighty Pro Tools Ignition Pack comes with everything you need to start making and promoting your music, including Ableton Live Lite, Propellerhead Software Reason Adapted, FXpansion BFD Lite, and much more.

Total Portability

Carrying Mbox 2 Mini is an effortless feat thanks to its small size. Toss it in your bag or carry it in hand. Because Mbox 2 Mini is solidly built, it can withstand being jostled and knocked around. And with its USB-powered ability, you needn’t worry about scrounging around for a power outlet to start working whenever — and wherever — inspiration strikes. Mbox 2 Mini gives you the freedom and flexibility to record and mix Pro Tools sessions anywhere you travel — sessions that can be used in Pro Tools-equipped studios around the world.
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