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 Mogami 2549 Mic Cable with Neutrik Silver XLR Connectors

Mogami 2549 Recording Mic Cable
Neutrik Silver-contact Connectors

For high quality recording and transparent sound reproduction.

6 Metres (approx. 20ft) Length

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  • Uses Mogami's famous Neglex OFC (Oxygen Free Copper)

  • #22AWG conductors with low capacitance

  • Served shield and twisted pair construction

  • Excellent noise prevention against EMI/RFI

  • Excels in high frequencies and a studio favourite

  • Handles long cable runs without loss of sound quality

Click here to view the specifications of the 2549 (PDF doc)

When you use MOGAMI you are in top company!

Revered by Audio Professionals and Musicians for 50 years
Many recording studios use Mogami cable, world-wide
Mogami is the standard in Music Recording and Post Production
Uniquely clear, accurate and transparent tone
Dead silent background noise
Superior copper content and special insulation materials
Highest quality audio reproduction in any application

Manufactured in Japan.

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The best connectors in the business .. 

The industry leader in professional connectors
offering a wide range of rock-solid connectors ..

This cable listing  uses the following connectors:



The worldwide accepted standard in high integrity connectors. 
Heavy-duty construction with silver or gold coated contacts.
The best chuck type strain relief system with polyurethane
gland for high protection against cables stresses. Sleek and
ergonomic design complementing the rugged zinc diecast shells.
In short .. long-lasting, dependable and simply the best!.

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From the MOGAMI Cable Specialist

We offer a wide range of high quality cables
handmade to perfection using the best materials.

Every cable is handmade with care so that the cable and connector dynamics are preserved.
This means that you get the best possible sound intended by the high quality cable and connectors.
Our soldering techniques are honed to perfection and we use proven solder alloys for pro audio.
We test all our cables and your sound quality is guaranteed for a great performance!

Any cable product found to be defective in materials or workmanship within 5 years
from the date of purchase will be repaired or replaced under this warranty.
This warranty shall not apply where the product has been subject to alteration, misuse, accident,
neglect (such as extremes of temperature/moisture) or to wear resulting from normal usage.
Our invoice will be your proof of purchase.

Custom Cables

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We also offer unterminated bulk cables for your custom application too.
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